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About Us

A Girl and Her Spiritual Journey 


My name is Brittany Wood and I am the girl behind A Girl and Her Ghosts.

What is A Girl and Her Ghosts?

A Girl and Her Ghosts is a witch owned spiritual boutique providing hauntingly beautiful spiritual self care products and services. 

What inspired A Girl and Her Ghosts?

At 25 years old, I lost my mother. The grief of losing her propelled me into a healing and spiritual journey that I could not have anticipated. I was searching for the other side and down I fell into a rabbit hole full of witchcraft, wonder, and truth. After three years, I emerged with the idea of A Girl and Her Ghosts and hit the ground running. 

How has A Girl and Her Ghosts changed throughout these last few years?


Just like me, A Girl and Her Ghosts continues to evolve - whether I want to or not. I had gotten very  comfortable being the girl mourning her mother's death. Then suddenly, the universe sent me a baby girl and two weeks after I found out I was pregnant, my father died. 

That was a loss I could have never prepared myself for. I feel his absence every moment of every day...

After carrying so much grief while trying to nurture this little soul, A Girl and Her Ghosts is what I turned to again to find a way to mourn and continue carrying it all. 

I don't know why, but I have been chosen to bear the weight of grief from a very young age.

However, no matter how many souls you watch cross over, it never stops hurting. 


Still I chose to bear the weight and continue my journey. 

Now I pour even more of myself into A Girl and Her Ghosts, because as much as it honors the living and the dead, it also honors me.

And some days, that's who needs my magic most - me. 

Throughout this unique journey, I have transformed. I have been thrown into the flames and asked the impossible of - and still I emerged like the phoenix. I am not the only one out here living and breathing in the turmoil of life. So many of you have your own valiant tales of humanity and A Girl and Her Ghosts was created to honor the spirit of those who never lose hope. 

How are your products created? 

Every item I create is done so to honor someone's spirit; the true essence of them. Whether it be  someone who is still living, someone who has passed, a god, a goddess, or an energy, A Girl and Her Ghosts has been dedicated to honoring the memory of all the beautiful souls that have crossed paths with mine. 

All candles are created with organic soy wax, organic fragrance and essential oils, reiki, intention, and love. The scents used are hand mixed blends made to represent each individual; the scents are absolutely unique to my shop and are made with intuition, intention, and love and are also reiki attuned for a specific healing intention. 

I curate and create altar kits that honor these same souls. Each kit is unique and one of a kind. They represent the individual they are named after and each item is created/chosen with purpose. These altar kits are completely functional in addition to being beautiful and are also reiki attuned for a specific healing intention.


A Girl and Her Ghosts is dedicated to being the unique, niche, spiritual experience you didn't know you needed. Whether you are seeking a little warmth and light from a candle or a tarot card reading, I am dedicated to helping you create and live your most beautiful spiritual experience. 

With Love and Angel Wings, 

Brittany Wood, 

Owner and Operator of A Girl and Her Ghosts 

*Products do not contain actual ghosts*

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