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A Girl and Her Ghosts attends The Gravedigger's Ball...

"How cool am I?" was the text message I sent to my brothers accompanied by a picture of me sitting on the throne in the Egyptian Hall at the Masonic Temple. I could have never expected to be in the place I am now; it is truly mind blowing.

My life has certainly seen the ups and downs but I could have never predicted this and I am so glad that I have allowed life to start surprising me. That has been my healing practice these days. Letting go of the need for control.... and boy is it tough at times. But still, I practice. Some days I fail, others I succeed. Tonight was one of those nights that felt like a victory. I got to be me and exist in a space that welcomed me and all of the strange quirks that go along with it and I didnt have to conjure up any of it. God tossed it right into my lap.

In May, I was approached by a woman that works for Laurel Hill at The Market of the Macabre and was asked if I would be interested in reading tarot at this event. I was 7 months pregnant and had no idea how I was gonna swing it, but I jumped on the opportunity and also offered her the services of my best friend Thom. So 11 weeks postpartum Thom and I attended the Gravedigger's Ball at the Masonic Temple and read tarot and runes all night. It was magical and I am truly blessed to have friends just as witchy as me to go on these adventures with.

Here is to many more gifts from the universe.

And thank you to everyone who continues to support me and my ghosts!

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